How Can We Support You?

No one should face life and life’s decisions alone. We are here for you. Juneau Pregnancy Resource Center is a safe place to discuss your situation, get answers to your questions, and find the support you need for a brighter future.

Support Classes:

Some of the video lessons we offer deal with really tough subjects like abandonment, abuse, and loss. We desire your healing and freedom! That’s why we have advocates on hand to go over these lessons with you so you can process the information together.

Support Groups

JPRC also offers in-person groups to create a space for people with similar life experiences to meet and learn, share, and grow together. We have offered groups on fertility and nutrition, family planning, pregnancy loss, and healing from abortion.

For Guys

Men supporting men is so important today. When it comes to pregnancy, a man’s thoughts and feelings are sometimes overlooked. But working through those things is critical to both your partner and your baby. The kind of man you are in those relationships is a major predictor of your child’s future success. Ask us about meeting with a male advocate.

Life and Love Lessons

Included in our video series available to stream are many basic life lessons on topics such as how to budget, apply for a job, eat healthier meals, and have better communication skills. You can learn practical information about important relationship issues like anger management, STI’s, establishing healthy boundaries, coparenting, and more. Speaking openly with one of our advocates can help us to tailor a curriculum to your specific needs.